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Diversity and Inclusion

Aligned with Our Mission and a Driver of Excellence

The AAMC's commitment to diversity includes embracing a broader definition of diversity and supporting our members' efforts. Diversity and Inclusion at AAMC strives to cultivate Human Capital by enhancing the skills of individuals; build Organizational Capacity by improving institutions’ ability to use diversity as a driver of excellence; and grow a diverse and culturally-prepared health workforce by improving the integration of Public Health concepts into medical education.

What's New

Reshaping the Journey: American Indians and Alaska Natives in Medicine

New report examines challenges to growth of American Indians and Alaska Natives in medicine.

Restorative Justice as the Rx for Mistreatment in Academic Medicine: Applications to Consider for Learners, Faculty, and Staff

AAMC Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Dr. David Acosta and Director of the Project on Restorative Justice at Skidmore College Dr. David Carp discuss restorative justice practices and the potential applications that they may have in academic medicine learning and workplace environments to serve vulnerable students, faculty, and staff who are targets of mistreatment.

Grant Writers Coaching Group for NIH Awards

The Grant Writers Coaching Group for NIH Awards is for faculty who are actively working on an NIH Career Development (K or R) proposal. Applications are due April 11, 2019.

Herbert W. Nickens Awards

Named in honor of the late Herbert W. Nickens, M.D., M.A., founder and past vice president of the AAMC's Diversity Policy and Programs, the Herbert W. Nickens Memorial Fund was established by the AAMC to continue advancing Dr. Nickens' concerns about the educational, societal, and health care needs of minorities. The fund supports an annual Nickens lifetime achievement award, an annual faculty fellowship, and five annual student scholarships. Applications are due April 5, 2019.

Herbert W. Nickens Award
This award is given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to promoting justice in medical education and the health care of the American people.

Herbert W. Nickens Faculty Fellowship
Recognizing an outstanding junior faculty member who holds the rank of assistant professor in a LCME-accredited U.S. medical school department.

Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarships
Recognizing outstanding academic achievement of medical students entering the third year in a LCME-accredited U.S. medical school.

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Diversity Data Snapshots

Diversity Data Snapshots (DDS) is an electronic newsletter containing relevant news sources, data points, and research findings related to diversity in higher education, academic medicine, and health equity.